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                      47cc Pocket Bike Carburetor $30  Pocket Bike Parts

Specs: 47cc Carburetor for Pocket Bikes.  The Stock 47cc Carburetor uses the 0.64mm Jet, The
    Unit Price Part Name Ship  Cost Total Shopping Cart  | stock carburetor has 13 mm hole, the Modified carburetor has been ported out to 14mm.  Plus it has a big jet.


$24 47cc Pocket Bike Carburetor with Gasket(Venturi Hole diameter:13mm, Mount hole spacing:38mm) $5.50   $29.50
Youtube Video: 47cc carburetor repair                  47cc Carburetor Settings


$35 Modified 47cc Pocket Bike Carburetor  (Ported out 14mm) with free jet pack(0.66 mm, 0.68mm, 0.70mm, 0.72mm  jet) $5.50 $40.50

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Bigger jet doesn't necessary mean better performance. You pick  jet size
base on the climate.