EVO  Electric Scooter (36v, 500w) & 36v, 800W      Drive System: Chain, Motor: 500 Watt, Batteries: 3 12V/12AH (36 volt system), Top Speed: 18-22 MPH (weight dependant), Battery Life: 250 cycles
evo long seat post
EVO Scooter  Long Seat Post  

2-Stroke 12v, 12ah battery (2-stroke/electric) $44
evo seat assembly
EVO Scooter Seat Assembly
 6.5 in stand up electric scooter shock
6.5 in Shock , 5mm spring coil (152mm eye to eye bolt spacing)$16

 (3.0-4.0) tube $10 

36v, 2.5amp Charger with built in Fan (XLR Plug version) $

3 Pin XLR Plug

 36v, 500 Watt Motor (MY1020) $95

6 3/4 in Suspension  (150mm bolt spacing) $16

XLR Charging Port $7

3-4.0 Knobby Tire $20

 Pair of Thick Chain Re-Linkers (for size T8F chain)

  EVO 500W Chain  , size T8F chain)   $12

 36v, 800 Watt Motor (MY1020) $99

36v Half-Twist Throttle assembly (with indicatior) $18
evo scooter brake caliper
  EVO Scooter Caliper  $18
 evo scooter brake lever set
  EVO Scooter Brake Lever set  $18
evo scooter left brake lever
  EVO Scooter Left Brake Lever $10
Charging Time: 4-8 hours, Brakes: Front & Rear Disc, Tires: 10 inch Pneumatic Street Tire, Max Range: 10 miles per charge, Max load: 265 lbs


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evo scooter right brake lever
EVO Scooter Right Brake Lever $10

evo scooter seat

EVO Scooter  Seat only(Silver/Black) $20  

evo seat post cover
EVO Scooter Seat Post cover
evo scooter rear fender
EVO Scooter Rear Fender

EVO Scooter 500W Control Module Post cover

EVO Scooter 800W Control Module 
evo handlebar clamp
EVO Scooter
Handlebar Clamp set $20
evo scooter handlebar
EVO Scooter
Handlebar  $20 
evo scooter handlebar assembly
EVO Scooter
Handlebar  Assembly $60
evo scooter handlebar post
EVO Scooter
Handlebar  Post $24
 evo scooter rear wheel assembly
EVO Scooter
Rear Wheel Assembly $60
evo scooter front wheel assembly
EVO Scooter
Front Wheel Assembly $58
  evo scooter rear axle
EVO Scooter
Rear Axle Assembly $10 
evo scooter front axle assembly
EVO Scooter
 Front  Axle Assembly $10